The value of diversity

Our business is based on the interactions we establish with customers. Good interactions rely not only on understanding each other and showing empathy, but also on displaying tolerance and accepting differences. This is why we value diversity so much at Teleperformance. Because each interaction matters.

Diversity is embedded within our DNA

We strive continually to identify and break down barriers that might prevent our employees from feeling fully included and engaged.

We're commited to equity

Teleperformance ranked 32nd in the Top 100 of Equileap's 2021 Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking

Every year, Equileap ranks thousands of companies worldwide on gender equality based on criteria such as gender balance, gender pay gap, and work-life balance. TP is also included in the Top 10 Companies in France, the highest scoring country for gender equality.

Our commitment

A great place to work for women

Our global TP Women initiative creates a more gender-diverse workforce and a gender-sensitive leadership culture and accelerates the promotion of women.

Proud of all forms of expression

At Teleperformance, employees feel confident to be themselves, no matter their gender orientation.

Our differences make us unique

By creating ethnic groups within the company, we offer communities a chance to share ideas to combat discrimination and intolerance while giving them voice to express themselves.


We are proud to be an organization of tolerance and diversity. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we take the opportunity to elevate the voices of our Latin Americans employees and bring them into the world stage.

Diversity at Teleperformance

Respect and fairness are essential to nurturing an environment in which everyone is empowered to speak openly and to be themselves.